Kristi Olwin Waniorek  

recommends Aspen Ranch LLCMarch 11 at 3:48 PM · 

We contacted Aspen Ranch about a horse we were interested in and although that one had been sold Pam offered several alternatives that matched with what we were looking for. We ended up buying 3 sight unseen! They arrived in great condition and just as advertised. We're happy with the overall experience and would definitely purchase again from them.



Matt Dove is with Jill Dove and Pam KrugerDecember 21 at 2:51 PM · 

This is Challenger, we call him Badger. This is the second cow pony we have purchased from Aspen Ranch LLC and I am once again impressed. I used him to cut a bull out in the feed lot today and this horse can move. Thanks Kyle and Pam Kruger.



Kimberly Ann Garwood  

recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.March 10 at 10:39 AM · 

Pam and Kyle are very easy to work with and honest about what they are selling. We got our horse Coco from them after getting sold a horse that was not right for us and potentially dangerous. Coco is my son's best friend and I trust her completely with my oldest or youngest.



Buyer : Gary Harrison

Gary Harrison  recommends Aspen Ranch LLCDecember 6 2019 · 

We bought a Quarter / Cross mare named Sister from Kyle and Pam. We bought her without riding her first which made me pretty nervous. Just going off of the videos and talking to Kyle we decided to get her. Happy to say that She was everything they said she was. We are very pleased with her and would definitly buy another one from them!



Megan Hawks  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.  November 30, 2018 · 

I bought a horse from Aspen Ranch in June 2017 for my son, Lance. Kyle was great to work with and did what he could to find us the perfect horse. Lance is now ready to move to a more advanced horse so I look forward to working with Kyle or Pam to find another great horse!




Leslie Chaplin  

recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.

March 10 at 10:13 AM · 

I took the chance to buy a “timid beginner safe” gelding from these guys sight unseen. After watching the videos that showed him in a variety of settings with different riders I messaged and asked for some pics of him unsaddled. They sent some a fey days later that were just taken out in the pasture. He wasn’t all shined up, just a typical horse and still looked great. They were willing to deliver for a very reasonable price and I had him in a few weeks. WOW! When he arrived he seemed huge! Much more muscular than id realized. Just a gorgeous boy. I paid through PayPal before the gal pulled out with the trailer and moved on with her other deliveries. Roco was everything they promised! No false advertising and easy process. Thanks Aspen Ranch! I would definitely buy from you again.



Buyer : Kathy Adams

Kathy Adams  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC. 12/9/2019 

My purchase was on line and videos, Pam was great about answering all my questions and I had many! 
Pam setup the delivery, but the driver was having problems, so Pam’s sister dropped Shamrock off on her 
way through. Shamrock is everything that Pam said he would be, he is a good grandma’s horse, the vet 
check was spot on, even the vet commented how nice of a horse Shamrock is! 
Thank you Pam and Aspen Ranch! 
Bought Shamrock 8/2019



Cori Turbiville Enders  

recommends Aspen Ranch LLCDecember 11, 2018 · 

We purchased Sprinkles, a mini, from Aspen Ranch for our 4 year old daughter. He was delivered to our ranch on Valentine's Day. We bought him sight unseen. He is a super sweet pony. We pony our daughter and he will keep up with the big horses. In the corral, we walk in front of her and he follows us around. Our 7 year old son is able to ride him out in the pasture. Taylor loves giving Sprinkles Loves. We also had purchased another pony at the same time from Aspen Ranch, but before they could be delivered, he was injured. Kyle and Pam refunded our money due to them not having another match for our son. In the future we would look at Aspen Ranch if we are in need of another horse.



Buyer : Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson reviewed Aspen Ranch LLC — 5 star September 7, 2018 · 

We have purchased two horses from Aspen Ranch. Our first horse Hemi a big blue roan has been a wonderful addition to our daughters 4H string & is also a dream to ride on the trails.
Our second horse Banjo a big bay roan, is a pure sweet heart. Goes all day, big heart & will ride through anything you point him at. We couldn't be happier.
Kyle was great to work with. Very accommodating I can't say enough good things about Aspen Ranch & the horses we have bought from them.!!



Buyer : Sheri Olson

{BUYERS OF DUCK - THEY PURCHASED DUCK FEB. 2018, and look at the summer they have been having! WOW she sure looks like they having a lot of fun together!]

Our journey to Aspen Ranch and Duck.  In October, 2017 my daughter found out that she was going to be a Cheyenne Frontier Days Dandy.  These young women are a performance drill team and are the goodwill ambassadors to the world’s largest outdoor rodeo.  Not only do they perform at Cheyenne Frontier Days but travel through the year performing and promoting the event.  The demands and expectations placed on these horses and this elite group of riders are very high.  Often these young women have two horses in order to meet the demands of the hectic schedule or to act as a back up to the other.  We had the backup horse (a 20 plus year old mare) but were looking for a main riding horse that could ride in these performances, parades, carry flags, remain level headed in all situations a “Queen’s horse”. Before coming to Aspen Ranch we had a horse on a 30 day trial that didn’t pass the pre purchase exam, responded to several ads on social media sites and ended up disappointed each and every time.   Christmas Eve the Aspen Ranch site popped up on my social media so I clicked it.  There were several horses listed, detailed information, and even videos!  We saw one of interest so I decided to call.  Since it was Christmas Eve I didn’t think I’d get a response but I did!  My excitement turned to disappointment as the horse that I inquired about had just had potential buyers there that day and Kyle felt pretty confident they were going to go ahead with it.  Kyle asked several questions about what we were looking for and suggested we take a look at Duck.  I explained that we had seen his picture on the sale page but it simply said “more information coming?”  Duck was the only horse listed that way on the website.  There wasn’t an age, price, anything just a picture and a video link, which I hadn’t clicked.  As the conversation progressed Kyle informed me that Duck had been HIS personal riding horse for quite a while.   He wasn’t really wanting to sell him but Pam had kind of insisted that since this is what they do for a living Kyle needed to offer him for sale.  He told us to watch the video and let us know what we thought and he’d keep us posted on the horse we called about.  We watched the video over and over and over again.  This horse was absolutely amazing, sliding stops, spins, lead changes, stand quietly, pick up all feet, and even rode him without a bridle.  Was this for real?  Our disappointment was turning to reserved excitement because we still didn’t know particulars.  Kyle called the day after Christmas and asked what we thought about Duck.  I told him we thought that Duck was pretty amazing!  We asked for the detailed information and everything seemed perfect.  He was young and I wouldn’t have to sell my organs on the black market to buy him, but I wanted to have a pre purchase exam done and wasn’t sure how to go about that since I live 9 hours away.  Kyle worked with us to take Duck to a vet that didn’t know him or his horses, who conducted ALL the tests I asked for and answered a list of questions I provided, and called to discuss all of his findings with me personally post examination.  We show livestock and often buy livestock off of videos and pictures from breeders we know and trust.  I had never purchased a horse that I had not seen.  Kyle suggested a down or full payment and a bill of sale written offering a full refund if it didn’t work out plus the 30 day horse guarantee after we got him.  We also asked if our daughter could spend 2-3 days working with Kyle and Duck at which time we’d meet Duck and Kyle for the first time and bring him home if it all worked out.  We planned to go the first weekend in February.  So we had purchased a horse from a video only, made payment in full, and had a bill of sale and a trip planned the first weekend in February.   The journey gets even more interesting now.  Kyle fell terribly ill and nearly ended up in the hospital.  The trip had to be cancelled.  What were we going to do now?  Kyle’s sister-in-law offered to bring him 3 hours closer, taking 6 hours off of our round trip if that would help.  We decided to accept the offer.  Kyle assured us that everything would be fine Duck and Katherine would be great together!  So on February 3, 2018 we met Kyle’s sister-in-law at a truck stop.  She unloaded him out of her trailer and he was very quiet, stood still while we walked all around him and touched him and then walked directly into our trailer and into our hearts.  The very next day my daughter rode him at a Dandy practice and he did everything asked of him.  He is kept on a 180 acre pasture and my daughter goes out to get him daily and doesn’t have to bribe him with grain or feed, he sees her coming and runs to her, he stands and loads quietly, and has been nothing short of amazing.  Duck and Aspen Ranch far exceeded our expectations.  We have sent pictures and asked questions and Kyle has ALWAYS responded and found time for us.  I can’t say enough good things about Aspen Ranch, Kyle, Pam, and our new horse Duck.  Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do for us!  We love Duck!



Buyer : April Wegleitner

Pam and Kyle,
Let’s just say this has been a dream come true. I am 35 and dreamed of this day since I was a kid. Every nice day that went by, the same thought either out loud or just in my head was “God, this would be a great day to go horse back riding!” Now I can !!!! My daughter and I had looked for over a year with many disappointments. When I stumbled across a horse from Aspen ranch I didn’t get my hopes up. I figured you too were big time horse people that wouldn’t talk to a person with no experience dreaming  for one. But I was wrong! When I called and talked to Kyle he had a horse in mind right away. So we drove 4 hours. When greeted by Pam’s friendly face I just knew this was it! 
Not only did we have an experienced person but someone who was able to match the perfect horse with the right person. Our horse Roger was delivered a week later. We couldn’t be happier. It’s been a huge learning experience but so rewarding. He is the perfect horse for everyone in our family. He follows you around the yard like a puppy. All three children have taken a different interest. Evan wants to learn to rope our beef, Aydree wants to learn to barrel race and our youngest thinks she could do gymnastics on her horse! Roger won’t sit idle, because when they are busy with other things Roger and I hit the trails! 
He is our local celebrity... our neighbors are always keeping an eye on him. Calling us when he’s out of his pasture even though he isn’t. Calling to see if we need hay! Or stopping in to say hi! 

I bought Roger with money given to me when my grandma passed away. The name Roger wasn’t my daughters idea of a cool horse name. But we kept it. Months later my brother realized why Roger was perfect. When my daughter was born she was 5lbs and sported a full head of black hair. My husband always called her Tootie! He found out later my grandma who passed had a sister in law named Tootie. She was a sweet lady and had passed away a few years ago. All this sounds silly and what does this have to do with our horse??? But Tootie’s husband (my grandmas brother is named Roger!) so Roger and Tootie are together again. I think my grandma might of had something to do with this. 

I would and have recommended Aspen Ranch! 
Thanks for making my dreams a reality and also my daughter’s. 

Thanks again for making this experience so amazing! 

April Wegleitner 
Central Minnesota 



Buyer: Cathy Sanders



Buyer : Tina Voxland

Tina Voxland recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.   October 21, 2018 · 

We bought our horse “snowball” a couple weeks ago. Pam and Kyle are amazing at making sure that the horse fits the family. My kids and I are very timid beginners and snowball is a perfect match. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a horse. We came from 3 hours away and it was well worth the trip. Many horses to try and so friendly and knowledgeable to work with. Thank you both.



Buyer : Cari Henning

Cari Henning  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.  June 6 2019· 

My family would highly recommend Aspen Ranch! We purchased a pony from them and we couldn't be any happier! Not only is he perfect for our grandchildren, he's perfect for me too! Aspen Ranch took in consideration of our needs and matched to us a horse exactly what we were looking for! Also, we did have the horse delivered and the folks that delivered them were also top notch, great people! We will definitely hands down buy our next horse from them. Thank you Aspen Ranch, you're a class act!



Buyer : Jaimie Wise

Jaimie Wise  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.   September 28 2019 · 

Great place to buy horses. We had bought one and he ended up having artheritis. No one knew and they were willing to trade us for a horse of the same value. They were very understanding and allowed us to ride in the arena and outside. J.R. (Oscar) has been wonderful and it’s only been a week! I definitely recommend Aspen Ranch!



Kelsey Archambeau  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.

October 6, 2018 · 

We purchased BoBo from Aspen Ranch and he is everything we wanted and more! Aspen Ranch has a great selection of wonderful horses! BoBo is super kid safe and our son Patrick has been able to blossom as a rider with BoBo! I highly recommend Aspen Ranch.



Buyer : CM RANCH

Mollie Mays Sullivan  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.   September 3 2019· 

Aspen Ranch makes buying horses a very pleasurable experience. We have purchased 2 horses for our outfit that have worked out wonderfully. They truly want to make the perfect match. The horses that we bought went straight to work, with no problems whatsoever. We will be purchasing from them in the future and have recommended them to others looking for their next horse. I want to say thank you for always being so honest and helpful



We bought 2 horses from Pam within a couple months. With 2 kids who are just beginning to ride I needed 2 horses that were calm & kid safe. She listened, steered us in the right direction and help guide us to the perfect horses for our family! We LOVE Eddie and King! We couldn't be happier and I'd definitely go back myself or recommend her to anyone. Thanks Pam! We love our boys!!
Debra Copelan
Sold spring/summer 2016



Heather Unruh  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.

September 11 2019  

We purchased two horses from Aspen Ranch in June. Daisy and Samson are a great addition to our farm. We bought Daisy for our 13 year old daughter, and Samson has become my husbands horses. Daisy is super sweet, she is great at everything, our farrier even wants her!!! Samson is so involved with everything we do, he loves the attention he is getting. We love riding them!! I highly recommend Aspen Ranch, you tell them what u want and they will find it!! They are very nice people!!!



Logan Morris  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.

August 5 2019 

my family would highly recommend working with kyle and pam. they will make sure you are 100% satisfied with the horse u buy from them. they are very easy to work with.. we bought 2 horses from them and they have met our expectations in every way



Shannon Van Bibber  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.

October 3 2019 · 

We bought a horse back from Aspen Ranch back in August. It was a really quick and easy process. We love our horse and will consider them for any future horses!



Kristina Hoobler  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.

August 11 2019· 

Pam and Kyle were great to work with! Had it not been for their kindness I would have probably never bought horses. They allowed my girls and I to go visit their horses and one thing lead to another and my childhood dream came true 🙂 We bought 2 horses from them. I let them know what we were looking for and our Sugar is wonderful! The other one as beautiful as he is did not work out for our family. However when I did let them know they were happy to trade him in. We waited a little over a month or so for the trade but I understood as it’s a busy time of year and we wanted to stay within our budget. Our trade turned out to be just as great as our other horse and we love both of them! I will definitely look at their horses when we are ready to add another horse. Thanks again Pam and Kyle for your kindness and being as honest as you can be in the horse business! You guys are great!



Kevin Dismuke  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.

January 7 2019 · 

I highly recommend Aspen Ranch, owners Pam and Kyle were contacted by me on a horse they had for sale,however that horse had just sold. When speaking with Pam I had told her precisely what I was looking for. Pam and Kyle sent me a little blue roan mare they called "sister" that fit the bill to a tee. If you know what you want and I mean " really know" be honest with them in your quest and these folks WILL treat you right. Kevin Dismuke Tombstone Ranch, Pine Colorado.



Matt Reinbold  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.

August 31, 2018 · 

We bought Coon fall of 17 he was for my 10 yr old son, we didn’t know anything about horses, He was everything they said he was had a vet ck and all was right on! We then got another horse that did not work out for us in the spring of 18, so we gave them a called and we got another horse Ted this summer 18. It did take time to get another horse but they wanted us to have the right one ! Again vet ck him out everything was spot on! Very good people to work with and I feel very honest !!!!!



Pamela Henselin  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.

September 3, 2018 · 

All I can say is thank God for Pam and Rachel. I was at my wits end dealing with dishonest people selling mis represented horses. They took so much time answering my questions and checking off all the "must haves" on my list. It has now been 3 years and this horse (stetson) has been the best thing that has happened to our family. I definitely would check with them when purchasing a horse in the future.






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