Sammi Jo  recommends Aspen Ranch LLCApril 10 at 3:20 PM · 

We purchased Leo, aka Pokey, from Aspen Ranch in December 2019. We saw the video and knew we had to have him and they assured us he was a perfect “husband horse”. He is everything they said he was and more. He’s so gentle and well mannered and I’ve never known a more confident horse. He’s a great roll model for my younger mare and he does amazing with anyone I put on him. Leo and my husband are getting along great and we couldn’t be happier!



Aspen Cok  recommends Aspen Ranch LLC.

April 26 at 1:39 PM · 

I bought a pony, Lollipop for my 1yr old daughter, and she’s everything I had hoped for!



Sarah Kutter reviewed Aspen Ranch LLC — 5 star August 30, 2018 · 

I bought my horse wrangler from pam! She was very straight forward! Love him has a great personality and a big mommas boy!!



Kim Metzgar  recommends Aspen Ranch LLCNovember 22, 2019 · 

This past summer I purchased a mare from Aspen Ranch - sight unseen. I went off of the description and videos listed on their website. I had a vet exam once the horse arrived - we found some health concerns as well as behavioral issues. I contacted Pam immediately. Response time was slow, but we eventually were able to work out a replacement. My new mare is exactly what I was looking for in every way possible. She is a joy to have around the farm. Although communication with Aspen Ranch can be slow, I would consider purchasing from them again in the future.



Janelle Ford  recommends Aspen Ranch LLCAugust 21, 2019 · 

Yes, sometimes it happens and a horse does not work out. Horses are living and breathing animals, and like any animal, may react differently in an unknown environment. I read the agreement, I knew what to expect in case something fell through and I was prepared to know what actions I would be responsible for. There were no issues when helping to find a better match. They work hard, and I found did their very best to help accommodate all of our needs and I am grateful for that.



Ann Cournoyer  recommends Aspen Ranch LLCMarch 10 ·2020 

I purchased a horse from Aspen Ranch but after working with the gelding, he didn’t meet our needs. Aspen allowed me to return the horse and the gelding was later replaced with a horse that is a better fit for our family. We are enjoying the new horse immensely. Thank you Aspen Ranch! 🐴


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